Targeted Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses a variety of marketing techniques, including paid search campaigns, social media advertising, display ads, remarketing, email marketing, and more. Middle Tennessee Marketing can rope all of these diverse strategies into a single plan designed to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Through tactically designed paid search campaigns– which place ads on search engines, such as Google, to attract consumers who enter certain keywords– Middle Tennessee Marketing can place your website in front of prospects who are actively searching for businesses like yours.  We can design campaigns focused on targeted local growth, or a plan to grow your business across the nation.

Also, through the use of strategically placed ads, we can squeeze every drop of juice out of your marketing budget, resulting in greater efficiency and a meaningful return on your investment.

Best of all: Our digital marketing packages are far more affordable than many of our clients were expecting. For as little as $150 a month, you can quickly begin driving traffic to your website and accumulating customer data that can elevate your business to greater success.

Our Areas of Expertise

Search Ads

✓ Appear near the top of Google search results

✓ Reach customers at their moment of intent

✓ Measurable results

✓ Affordable advertising for small to medium sized businesses

✓ Flexible budgeting and scheduling

Social Media

✓ Build brand awareness in your local community

✓ Engage and build relationships with current customers

✓ Measurable results

✓ Affordable advertising for small to medium sized businesses

✓ Build your following


✓ Keep customers coming back to your website

✓ Improve conversion rates

✓ Increase brand awareness

✓ Substantiality increases your return on marketing investment

✓ Reach customers that have already displayed interest in your website

Email Marketing

✓ Reach your customers in a reliable way

✓ Direct line of communication

✓ Deliver timely announcements

✓ Stay visible to your core audience

✓ Extremely affordable way to drive consistent website traffic

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Contact us for a strategy session.  We will discuss your goals and current situation to create a custom marketing plan.

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